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Prophetic Era (Or How Yahveh Became The One)


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Samaria 10:42
(-721) Isaiah: I. Micah: M. The People of Samaria: PoS. I: -”No more lies, no more lives… lies…” M: -”Lives…” I: -”No more lies, no more lives…” PoS: -”Our god has forsaken us and we are falling down” I: -”Samaria! Bow down to pain, bow down to death!” M: -”Samaria” I: “Stiff-necked people, you shall never learn! Stiff necked people, hear my voice! Once you betrayed our god, forever you will be punished Flames reach higher, flames reach higher Even the stone has boiled, melting away flesh and bones.” M: -”Rise, rise!” I: -”Fire that touches the sky is the blade and the wrath of Yahveh.” (2R 17 11) M: -”We have brought upon us the punishment of our god (Mi 1 6-7 ; 2R 17 7) Many kings for many lies, impiety and blasphemy (2R 17 17) We have fallen down with those idols” (2R 17 12, 16) I: -”Crush them all from Omri to Hoshea, (1R 16 24; 2R 17 1) Once, twice and third time besieged, (1R 20 1-21; 2R 6 24-33; 7 1-20; 17 3-6; 18 9-12) Shalmaneser king of Assyria and rod of Yahveh (Is 10 5-7; 2R 18 9) Samaria! Bow your head for your lord is merciless” M: -”Samaria!” I: -”Bow your back for your lord is vengeance! Kingdom of Israel was corrupted, afflicted with greed, From the schism to this destruction, The needy, poor, widow and the orphan Were browbeaten, ostracized, hopeless and begging for justice. (Is 1 23; 10 1-2) We, the children of Israel, have sinned against Yahveh, against our jealous god…” (Is 9 6; 37 32) M: -”We have provoked His anger and He has cast us out of His sight (Mi 1 15 ; 2 3 ; 2R 17 23) But He speaks by my mouth, and Ashur shall be chastened Crushed and destroyed, cursed!” (Mi 5 4-5 ; Is 10 24-26; 14 24-25; 2R 19 5-7) I: -”For there is nothing left than the kingdom of…” M: -”Judah!” (Mi 5 1 ; 2R 17 24) I & PoS: -”Samaria! Ruins of Nothingness, of Emptiness and Illusion” M & PoS : -”Samaria!” I & PoS : -”Burning ‘til silence, burning ‘til silence” I: -”Drown in flames.” M: -”Rain of ashes.” I: -”You are all drowning in flames!” PoS: -”Our god has forsaken us and we are falling down. Our god has forsaken us and we are falling down. No more lies, no more sins, no more dead...”
(-609) King Josiah: KJ. The People of Israel: PoI. KJ: -”One! God, people, cult, land, city, temple, king Our final victory will not come from the north nor the south, It will come from our covenant with Yahveh our god Samaria was cast down because we have broken it (the covenant). We have written the Book of the Law and unity, (2R 22 8) People stood to the covenant (2R 23 3) And I broke down, burned, and defiled all impurity (2R 23 5-16; 19-20) This is the dawn of a new era Kingdoms of Israel and Judah will be reunited (2R 23 15) We will be one against all Yahveh against Amun-Ra, Ashur and Marduk Babylon crushed Nineveh three years ago (Na 3 7) (Ha 1 5-11) Assyria and his god Ashur are weak now Our time has come because in the mouth of Jeremiah…” (Jr 1 9) PoI: -”Yahveh!” KJ: -”Is stronger than the other gods” PoI: -”Yahveh!” KJ: -”Has sealed a covenant with us” PoI: -”Yahveh!” KJ: -”Our vengeance and retribution” PoI: -”Yahveh!” KJ: -”Is our only one true god This is the dawn of a new era Kingdoms of Israel and Judah will be reunited We will be one against all Judah against Egypt, Assyria and Babylon March, march, we march against all Kill, kill, we kill our enemies With Yahveh, with Yahveh, we are one against all With Yahveh, with Yahveh, we kill the other gods” KJ & PoI: -”With Yahveh, with Yahveh, we are united With Yahveh, with Yahveh, alone against all With Yahveh, with Yahveh, we will rise With Yahveh, with Yahveh, above the nations” KJ: -”Sworn the covenant. (2R 23 3) Only our god now, His name is...” PoI: -”...Yahveh...” KJ: -”...and...” PoI: -”...Jealous!” KJ: -”From the north Assyria is agonizing. From the south, Egypt wants to help it (2R 23 29) With my god, I will win against the pharaoh Necoh. (2R 23 29) Alone, Assyria will know its final defeat And the battle of Megiddo will be a new start for the kingdom of Judah (2R 23 30) I am a righteous king (2R 22 2; 23 25), and with Yahveh, I will be victorious This is the dawn of a new era Kingdoms of Israel and Judah will be reunited We will be one against all Against Egypt, Amun-Ra, Assyria, Ashur, Babylon, Marduk We, against all… Nations, against us…”
(-587) Jeremiah: Jr. The people in exile: PiE. Jr: -”Josiah was a righteous king, but the others committed adultery with other gods Many of us were exiled to Babylon some years ago (Jr 52 28) And now, I see only fire in the sky, destruction over the city, (Jr 52 13) The temple of my god is defiled and breaking down (2R 24 13) Jerusalem in fire Jerusalem in ruins (2R 25 9-10) (Jr 39 8) Jerusalem was besieged by Nebuchadnezzar and Marduk, his god (2R 25 1) The sin of Jerusalem is greater than the sin of Sodom, (Jr 23 13-14) (Lm 4 6) Yahveh has called Babylon and terrors on every side (Jr 25 8-12) And Death is upon us! (Lm 2 21-22) (Jr 21 8) Sword, famine and pestilence are everywhere in the kingdom of Judah, (Jr 14 12; 18 21; 21 7) Jerusalem is unclean! (Lm 1 8) Because of the sins of her prophets and the iniquities of her priests (Lm 4 13) Our fathers have sinned, (Lm 5 7, 16) And we are bearing their sins! (Lm 5 7) (2R 23 26, 24 3-4) (Jr 15 4) Thus Babylon has crushed Assyria, (Jr 50 17-18; 51 20-26, 29) But from the north a scourge will come for her, (Jr 50 2-3, 9, 17-18; 51 20-26) As she came for us to be our rod Jerusalem in fire Jerusalem in ruins Jerusalem was forsaken by Yahveh, our god (2R 24 1-4, 20) And now, Governor Gedaliah is dead (2R 25 25), I must leave the kingdom of Judah but…” PiE: -”How could we prepare the way of Yahveh in this desert of nothingness?” (Is 40 3)
Paradigms 03:40
(-538) After the promulgation of the decree of the Persian King Cyrus. Zerubbabel and Jeshua speak together: -”We left Egypt, we are leaving Babylon, we will enter Jerusalem We will enter the Promised Land once again With Yahveh at our side, the golden age is at the end of the path... (-515) With the help of prophets Haggai and Zechariah, Temple is now rebuilt (Ezr 6 14) then our time will come, Yahveh will be one, and his name will be one” (Ze 14 9) (-428, -398) Ezra: -”One God, people, cult, land, city, temple, king. Guilty, forsaken your commandments. (Ezr 9 6-7) Now you must separate yourselves from the people of the land And the foreign women (Ezr 10 11) Bow down to the Law of Yahveh, our god Bow down to the Law of Yahveh, our god.” (Somewhere between -538 and -520) The second Isaiah (chapter 40-55): -”Our god has not failed, our god has been controlling the other nations, (Is 45 1 ; 48 14-15) But why are we not the light of all nations again? (Is 42 6 ; 49 6) Maybe our god is their god too? Maybe Yahveh is the god of all nations? (Is 45 21-22) But He has chosen us, (Is 41 8-10 ; 44 1) we have chosen Him too Old paradigm or new paradigm or not?” (-445 to -433, -425, -398) Nehemiah: -”The city of Jerusalem and the wall were rebuilt, (Ne 6 15) All the people have gathered themselves together as one man (Ne 8 1) The Book of the Law was read by Ezra, Chosen Race, Temple, Law. (Ne 8 8) The seed of Israel separated themselves from all foreigners, (Ezr 10 19, 44) And stood and confessed their sins, and the iniquities of their fathers. (Ne 9 2) Yahveh has warned us through His prophets, He has punished us for all our sins Our time has come, We will not forsake the house of our god (Ne 10 39) Bow down to the Law of Yahveh, our god Bow down to the Law of Yahveh, our god If we do the right things, Yahveh will be with us, Like in the great times of King David, Everyone is righteous, everything is pure Yahveh will remember us, we have to wait...”
(-167) “An unknown scribe” somewhere between 200 and 63 before our era: -”We are waiting for so long now, nothing has changed, no kingdom, no glory, We are not yet the light of the nations, our god has forsaken us. We are still dominated decades after decades, And Persia ruled this world ages ago and now the Greek We are the Righteous among nations, ashamed and alone Our god is nothing but silence, (Ps 83 2) His voice has neither a mouth to speak through nor a hand to write His words. No more prophets and still no savior (R)evolution has come! Our god is the god of all (Is 44, 6 & 24 ; 45 5 & 21) Nations but we are forsaken amongst them Despised and humiliated (Ps 44 14-15) God is nothing but silence (Ps 83 2) We are still waiting and nothing has changed for us I am, among many, trying to rewrite the story of our people, I erase the holy name of Yahveh and His so many other names It has to be a divine revelation, not a human (r)evolution Revelation has come... Our god is the god of all (Is 44, 6 & 24 ; 45 5 & 21) Nations but we are forsaken amongst them Despised and humiliated (Ps 44 14-15) God is nothing but silence (Ps 83 2) We are still waiting and nothing has changed for us Even the facts, we will wait and read the hidden messages inside our Sacred Scriptures... Scriptures... Scriptures...”
Somewhere between 40 and 100 of our era. Mt: Matthew. Mc: Marc. Lc: Luc. Jn: John. Mt: -”Fourteen generations should pass away from the Exile to Babylon to Him.” (Mt 1 17) All: -”Son, king, shepherd have written them all” Mc: -”And we are doing the same” Jn: -”His name could be Joshua” Lc: -”(He) shall give us the Promised Land and dominion over the world” Jn: -”Prophets after prophets” Mt: -”We have invoked our messiah, our savior, words after words” Lc: -”(He) shall give knowledge of salvation” (Lc 1 77) Mc: -”Made of flesh” Jn: -”And the remission of our sins” (Lc 1 77) All: -”You” Lc: -”(I) will be his father, (and he) shall be my son.” (2S Samuel 7 14 -1040) All: -”Shall” Mc: -”(I will) darken the earth in the clear day” (Amos 8 9 -783) All: -”Not” Mt: -”(The) virgin will conceive, and bear a son” (Isaiah 7 14 -736) All: -”Be!” Jn: -”He will be great to the ends of the earth” (Micah 5 3 -722) Mt: -”For to us a child is born. To us a son is given” (Isaiah 9 5) Jn: -”The light of faith will appear” Lc: -”Darkness; the light of this man shall be so clear” Mc: -”You blind, you deaf, the mute, the lame man” (Isaiah 29 18 ; 35 5-6 ; 42 7) Lc: -”Look, hear, speak and leap like a deer” (Isaiah 35 5-6) Jn: -”All of you will be saved!” Mt: -”It will be called The Holy Way?” (Isaiah 35 8) Mc: -”Yes, the One and only way” Mt: -”The Scriptures are made of words made of flesh” Lc: -”Again and again, hopes are made of…” Mc: -”Flesh made of words” Jn: -”Knowledge of salvation” (Lc 1 77) Mt: -”Remission of our sins” (Lc 1 77) All: -”Shall you not be?” Lc: -”(I) cause a Branch of righteousness to grow up to David” (Jeremiah 33 15 -626) All: -”Shall you not be?” Jn: -”He shall feed them and shall be their shepherd” (Ezekiel 34 23 -593) Mt: -”We must write from our Scriptures his future life” Mc: -”Our prophets have the key to our savior” Jn: -”Our prophets are the keys to our savior” All: -”Moses, Samuel, Amos, Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Jonah, Daniel” Lc: -”Scriptures of faith and salvation of life” Mt: -”Scriptures of death and illusion of lies” Mc: -”They have created hope with emptiness” Jn: -”We will create nothingness with so much hope” All: -”Shall you not be?” Mt: -”They will look to me whom they have pierced” (Zechariah 12 10 -520) All: -”Shall you not be?” Jn: -”(Out) of the belly of Sheol I cried” (Jonah 2 2 -450) All: -”Shall you not be?” Lc: -”There came with the clouds of the sky one like a son of man” (Daniel 7 13 -167) Mt: -”We are creating them out of our Scriptures; any of them will be a witness to him” Mc: -”Words will be flesh” Jn: -”Flesh will be words” Lc: -”We are creating characters who will be witnesses of his coming, his life, his glory” All: -”Words will be flesh, flesh will be words”
JC: Jesus Christ (center voice) TSC: The Souls’ Congregation (clean voices) JI: Judas Iscariot (right voice) L: Lazarus (left voice) First segment: TSC, JI & L: -”Silence, Silence, Silence...” JC: -”...”(breathe…) JC: -”Can you hear me? Can you hear them? Can you hear us? O Father, mighty Nothingness, You have forsaken me!” JI & L: -”Voices” JC: -”Can you hear me? Can you hear them? Can you hear us? O Father, mighty Emptiness, You have forsaken them!” JI & L: -”Inside” JC: -”Can you hear me? Can you hear them? Can you hear us? O Father, mighty Illusion, You have forsaken us!” JI & L: -”Your head” JC: -”Lie! Is there a soul?” TSC: -”There was no soul” JC: -”I have a soul” TSC: -”You have no soul” JI & L: -”No duality, only the body” JC: -”My flesh prevails” JI & L: -”Try out with the flesh” TSC: -”There was no soul” JC: -”There was no soul, is it the Truth?” TSC: -”We are the voices inside your head” JC: -”humiliated, my shame, my suffering, my decay, it was like bliss” JI: -”Bliss...” L: -”Bliss...” TSC: -”Bliss...” JC: -”During my crucifixion, I felt the pain in my flesh” JI: -”Flesh...” L: -”Flesh...” TSC: -”Flesh...” JC: -”And I can feel it now, this sweet and higher...” JI & L: -”...suffering!” JC: -”But if I can feel it, is my body alive? There would have been...” TSC, JI & L: -”...No resurrection!” L: -”Because you are still alive” JI: -”Because you are never dead.” Second segment: JC: -”An overwhelming fear is surrounding me” JI: -”Me” L: -”Me” TSC: -”Me” JC: -”Father, what have you done to me? I can feel the culpability, Deception, frustration, my anger will destroy everything! Sadness is but a wave, (I am) a lost redeemer” JI & L: -”There is nothing to save!” JC: -”But if no one can be saved...” TSC: -”There is Death...” JI & L: -”The dead feel nothing” JC: -”But I feel emotions!” JI & L: -”You must accept them, you must live through them” TSC: -”When death shall come, you will never feel anything ever again” JC: -”But Death cannot be the end!” TSC: -”There is Death...” JI & L: -”Will it be the end?” JC: -”There is death, but what is the truth?” Third segment: JC: -”I can hear my voice, I can hear their voices Are they the same? Am I alone with myself? All my thoughts...” JI & L: -”…are mechanisms of (the) illusion!” JC: -”Is my world real? A true reality? Am I really myself? JI: -”Your body is mine!” L: -”I feel your emotions!” TSC: -”And we are you!” JC: -”You are inside me, I am all of you. United in my body, carnal coil of my emotions and now my logical mind No soul, no resurrection, death is the end, no almighty father ??: -”I don’t know who I am but I know who I am not!” ??: -”My consciousness is awaken” JI & L: -”We are the sum of our fears and (our) denial” ??: -”Fear of what is maybe not beyond life and death” TSC: -”There shall never be a life beyond” ??: -”Before me” JI & L: -”Nothingness” ??: -”After me” JI & L: -”Emptiness” ??, JI & L: -”No consciousness!” TSC: -”There was no soul, there is death, there shall never be a life beyond” ??: -”There shall never be a life beyond, it is my truth!” ??: -”The highest sensual pleasure for me was to be the empty savior of nothingness, I have built a world of illusion made of suffering and mortifications, But there is no gain for such pain, because there is no life beyond death, Now I know who I am, I am what I must be and become! I reach the boundaries of my mind and I become suddenly aware of what my real name is…” CJN, JI, L & TSC: -”…Christian John Nosireus!” TSC: “Neurosis!” CJN: (aka NJC) –”Neurosis of Jesus Christ!” CJN: -”I am what I am.” JI: -”Am I?” L: -”Am I?” CJN: -”I am sensations, emotions, and thoughts” TSC: -”Am I what I am?” CJN: -”I am reunited and now free!” JI: -”Free?” L: -”Free?” TSC: -”Free?” CJN: -”Yes, I AM free of illusions made by religions, freedom of mind, emotions and body!” JI, L & TSC: -”Free!” CJN: -”And now my consciousness is falling in...” All characters are but one: -”...to the great silence of the Universe!” … ?? : -”…Et il ne reste rien, rien sauf le silence…” (Ps 94, 17)


Following up the 2012 debut "Alpha Theistic", AthanaTheos returns with its second album "Prophetic Era (Or How Yahveh Became The One)" to further pursue the atheistic journey. A journey which is yet to be expanded on upcoming AthanaTheos album.

"Prophetic Era (Or How Yahveh Become The One)" is comprised of 7 songs clocking at around 48 mins. The music can be described as predominantely Death Metal but adjectives as "blackened", "doom", "epic", "atmospheric", "dissonant" and others may be added to tag the music properly. The compositions are varying in many aspects. There's even melodic Gregorian-like chanting incorporated and fully created by the band. You need to listen plenty of times to feel and hear it all.

Given the big concept of five or more albums, the narrative part of the lyrics can not be omitted since lyrics create an integral part of the music. Listening to AthanaTheos without reading lyrics at least once makes for a failure. The lyrics are an integral part of the music. A lot of characters and even nations are brought to life, speaking their story through the lyrics, arguing. It will make you listen to the story, following the journey and thinking about it. As if you were reading a book. All perfectly conveyed through the raw art of the album.

The Prophetic Era is impending!


released June 29, 2020

AthanaTheos is:
Samuel Girard—Extreme vocals and clean choirs, keyboards, FX
Aurélien Guerriau—Guitars
Nicolas Lebreton—Bass
Grégory Pein—Drums

Cover art painted by Jérôme Mahé.
AthanaTheos logo by Grégory Pein.

All this makes for a unique and refreshingly meditative piece of epic death metal, exemplifying and perfecting a sophisticated and mature approach to the form that I thought we’d lost back in the late 1990s.
— Hate Meditations | hatemeditations.wordpress.com/2020/06/19/i-like-the-beats-and-i-like-the-yelling-athanatheos-ritual-mass-dominion-of-suffering


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