The Meyrinkian Slumber


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dn Dreamy and hypnotic, yet still visceral and disturbing Favorite track: Of Fragrance and Light.
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Ippocalyptica It took me nine listens of The Meyrinkian Slumber to figure out why I love it so much and also why it seems so familiar, in a non-derivative way, of course. There are the obvious and fair comparisons to Gaerea, with the luscious production value and song craft that is bristling with incredible energy, and then there is the intensity and intelligent aggression of Mo’ynoq present throughout. This is beautiful black metal that elevates the spirit through its deft navigation of the darkness. Favorite track: Of Fragrance and Light.
YomaBarr suggested another masterpiece! If you want something that's a haunting blast to your ear canals, by all means, purchase this absolute badass record!
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YomaBarr 2020 #2 (one of). Incredible debut!

Wanderlust in my heart, restless blood, fiery veins... oh sorry, wrong album. Anyway. Oneiric, dreamlike, feverish wandering nightmare you're not sure you want to awaken from.

I don't, and I absolutely love it when something hits me between the eyes like this. And read this book.
Analbead Steve
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Analbead Steve Badass black metal that will tell your mom the real reason why she's a worthless whore bag. Favorite track: Rephaim.
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A cold rectangle of the moonlight Descend into the pitch-black realms Agonising restlessness A dweller in between the worlds Not asleep nor awake In reverie, the rivers collide The stream incoherent and spastic A shapeless mass slithering down into the chasm Unlike the crow of Gautama, the ascetic I cannot banish the stone from my sight Unbearable sense of my weakness Overpowers me and binds me My body asleep, senses detached The ever-occurring question Who am I Who is this I now Again and again With obscene persistence An obstinate voice keeps insisting Tireless as a shutter Blown by the wind against the wall Like distant recalls There is no escape from the void A hundred times I dare to object A thousand times I deny I voluntarily give up all resistance I cast myself into the stream Of endless interrogations There is no escape from the voice.
Rephaim 04:54
Behold the fifth quarter A district obscured and forgotten Home of the restless shades A heavy downpour Waters both loathing and revulsion All the strange people who dwell here Human-like phantoms not born of woman They drift through life with no will of their own Animated by an invisible current There is no one alive capable of laughing The innocent times are long time past Walls speak softly through vibration, cracks and smear Old images keep surfacing like ominous sigils Noises and murmurs Withered laments What an unexpected guest This is the way he behaves when he feels at home His book was speaking to me Just as dreams can speak A crown of red wood, the impregnation of souls Words streamed from the unseen mouth Took on life and came towards me Alive yet without echoes I can feel them drifting through me Alive yet without echoes I can feel them drifting through my very soul Darkness has the upper hand A firm grip on every corner, every street Them houses outside Worn stone and dripping wood Emit incoherent howls Nothing but a mere whisper Crosses the threshold of perception.
All I can hear is the wind That omnipresent blow Which makes lifeless objects move and events flow Of which it says in the Bible Thou hearest the sound thereof But canst not tell whence it cometh Whither it goeth In the grip of catacombs A room without an entrance Where a tomblike silence rules in the winter or in May Over the ones who have a reason to shun The light of day At first, nothing but darkness Decaying soil and fungoid growth Eight steps in all – the remains of an iron staircase Each one at head height above the last In regular lines – the patterns of the past The precise shape of a hexagram Entrapment Ankle-deep in dust, a vault too old The numbing slumber, the ruthless cold Enveloped my flesh like a stifling, soft woollen cloak That smudge of white – the Juggler Staring at me with vacant eyes As he went down into the grave, so he will rise up And so will I.
A shameful walk through the lamplit streets Framed for murder The days crept by Week followed sluggish week Shivering all the time When the sun reveals its careless face Unbroken rows of iron doors with massive bolts Barred windows The palace of rot, a dreadful home A cavity with a pestilential smell In the middle of the prison yard A bare half-dead tree – We are alike My nails – all torn A despair-ridden heart bound in scorn I stared out into the black murk outside It stared back devoid of life and soul – We are alike The roaming one Lend me your sight These eyes can reach where I cannot reach I counted the hours Praying for them to pass What did it matter Whether I reached my end On the gallows Or by my own hand A half-open mouth A corpselike face Lips slightly restless Through them old words are born I will follow the voice To a casket or to a throne.
The tinkle of glass Red tongues of fire A wild jubilant ecstasy Coursing through my veins One twist round wrist and leg Behind the window My past – a scorching flame Hanging between heaven and earth Head downwards, legs forming a cross The rope twangs – stretch and creak As I fall I grab the window-ledge Smooth is the stone Foremost of the dead My throe is thine, each and every chain As thy words become my words The endless white trail I shall forever reign.


"THE MEYRINKIAN SLUMBER" is a 5 track concept full-length album dealing with magical realism of Gustav Meyrink and his masterpiece novel "The Golem".

A tale of searching for the ascension through identity shifts, alchemical concepts and suffering, all set in a distorted Kafka-like vision of Prague.

Expect an elaborate, tenebrous ride through the shadows, beyond and above.


released June 30, 2020

Dramatis Personæ:

Zdeněk Klekner • vocals
Marek Štembera • guitars, vocals
Aleš Vilingr • guitars
Adam Kulich • bass
Tomáš Mařík • drums

Mixed and mastered at the infamous BST Studio (Aosoth, The Order of Apollyon, Totalitarian etc.)

Preproduction and tracking engineered at HELLSOUND Studio by Jan Kapák.

Logo and entire coverart iconography by VIEW FROM THE COFFIN.

"The lurking and foreboding sound of The Meyrinkian Slumber is one that effectively captures an eerie sense of madness. An impressive debut..."
— Dead Rhetoric |

" offering which has not simply utilized metaphorical devices in artistic expression but has, in fact, used artistic expression to layer on additional metaphoric complexity atop a pre-existing body of figurative work. Case in point: new Czech black metal force SOMNIATE...
Seek these out and experience the metaphorical depth that SOMNIATE is about to unleash."
— Black Metal Daily |

"Take deep breaths, because you may need them…." – NCS on the song "Of Fragrance and Light", read more here:
— No Clean Singing |


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