Shipping and return policies for Lavadome productions

Shipping Info
All orders are shipped via Priority Mail (Airmail), NOT REGISTERED. This option has always worked really well for USA, Canada, Australia... but if you have doubts about your postal system or mailman, go for registered shipping, here's how:
Registered shipping – please, add extra €3.50 to your complete order by using "Pay More..." option and add a "Ship registered" note to your order. To add the note is crucial because it makes us aware of the "registered option".

Everything ships Priority Airmail. When ordering items over 0,5kg (more than 4CDs, more than 1 LP or 1 DLP), we will most probably ship registered via courier. For Germany, Poland we ship registered for orders from 3+ CDs and 1 LP.
Check shipping prices and way of shipping in the Lavadome store at:

If you demand registered shipping for 1-2 CD or LP, see Shipping Overseas, it's the same procedure here and you will need to add extra €3.50 to the price of one item and leave us a note with your order you want registered shipping.

Note: Bandcamp shipping calculation system is a little bit complicated and the shipping prices may vary here from the ones in the Lavadome store.

Last but not least: Please, keep in mind Lavadome is run by a human, not a mail bot. The main concern is to ship the orders as quickly as possible, yet, please, do have some patience eventually. Don't hesitate to contact us when your order does not arrive in 20-30 days. Usually delivery times are 3-5 days in Europe, 2-3 weeks overseas.
Return Policy
Lavadome is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen packages. However if need be, we always threat our supporters with respect and try to sort everything reasonably.

If you think your postal services are not reliable enough, use registered shipping - see shipping info

We pack the best possible way and the goods leave the house in NEW condition.